“I dream of my wine and I taste my dream”

It is so hard to explain the inspiration that led to the development of the Donna Viola project.


a never ending journey, filled with adventures. The eyes looking backwards but the heart looking forward: always afraid of both departing and going back. 

Usually “going back”  mostly scares and, sometimes, the only way to make it is “to create”, when choosing to return is maybe one of the bravest things to do.

There is no inspiration without courage.

So you start daring and dreaming, pushed by the passion that stains everything it touches with colours. Passion is an unstoppable river, it doesn’t allow obstacles and it can’t flow backwards: it must go on.

The frenzy to discover new horizons promotes an opportunity for innovation. This is the research of a new success that provides a chance to show your creativity

My true journey was going back to Apulia.

Its land colours ranging from a white pearl calcareous to ferruginous red.

From this very colours harmony, our wine roots arise: this is the origin of our quality wines.

Apulia is full of history and inhabited by countless civilizations since a long time ago. They keep remarking their presence in the territory, exalting the infinite variety of products.

In the oenological world, where personal taste becomes the main protagonist, Apulia is ready to satisfy desires and needs of anyone who is pleased to leave their footsteps on its land.

I admire its courage and passion and its never-ending will to offer its best attentions and precious pearls.

I believe in history and its innovation, I believe in Apulia.


Donna Viola is the symbol of a young and female face, a project that aims to enhance our historically ancient territory: Apulia.


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