«A bottle of wine begs to be shared; I have never met a miserly wine lover.»

Clifton Fadiman

Wine is the source of precious values, the symbol of one of the most important man’s achievements: transforming a perishing fruit into something permanent. Wine is pleasure, transparency, an invite to kindness, a time challenge, diversity, sense of sharing.

These feelings are the main engine of Donna Viola’s wine line.

Since a few years ago, wine is no longer considered as a simple consumer good, but rather as a true luxury item. So, nowadays wine is an object, a style, an optional element bound to price and social-economic status.

For Donna Viola, wine cannot be just something luxurious.

In contrast to this belief, a new project was born: a luxury good, less bound to material things, but seen as an exclusive emotion coming from quality.

If you agree with this new concept of “luxury”, I’m ready to represent the grace behind the tasting of a wine glass.

Luxury seen as freedom, self-determination, autonomy as for making choices in every moment.

This is a luxury that everyone deserves to have and to be proud of, no matter the circumstances. 

That is why I naturally thought of UICI (Italian Union of the blind and partially sighted), as the chance to show how this new concept of luxury surpasses the simple appearance and chooses an experience to trigger an intense feeling.

This is the reason beyond the presence of braille in the label: not a simple indication and not an accessibility shortcut for the blind ones. It is a gift, an opportunity, a jump towards the awareness of discovering what you have in front of you by yourself.

Nothing is more precious than the satisfaction to understand it, without hints or explanations.

This is the new concept of luxury: sharing an experience where wine becomes the co-protagonist, shifting from beeing an exception to everyday lives.


Donna Viola is the symbol of a young and female face, a project that aims to enhance our historically ancient territory: Apulia.


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