«Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.»

Lavoisier said these words in the 18th century, and they are so modern that we can apply this statement today, in the field of oenology.

Wine is the result of a transformation, the realization of a study born from inspiration, an unstoppable research of balance between its components.

It is art, in the presence of personal taste.

Art is able to offer a journey of introspection and the customer can freely interpret the artist’s creations; in the same way, wine is able to propose a sensorial road, exalting itself as a variety of tasting experiences.

Softness is the key for interpretation: it is something worth it, the ability to understand the most secret shades of things.

Donna Viola’s wine presents itself not only as a new and singular design element, but as ‘art of taste’, endless source of emotions.

This is the reason why our project was born from a deep and heartfelt partnership between Donna Viola and Piskv; Piskv is a reknowned architect and street artist native from Apulia and through his style, inspired by a dynamic modernism, he accepted with enthusiasm the idea to reinterpret the concept of ‘wine bottle’.


Donna Viola is the symbol of a young and female face, a project that aims to enhance our historically ancient territory: Apulia.


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